Britain First does not speak for me. I stand with the RNLI!

Far right activists calling themselves ‘migrant hunters’ have harassed the RNLI for months, but now Britain First has launched a campaign to bombard the Royal National Lifeboat Institute (RNLI) with complaints over English Channel crossings. 

The group have set up an online form for supporters to send harassing messages to RNLI to stop its "treacherous activities" and accuse them of being “engaged in people trafficking in the English Channel". 

Attacking a charity which saves lives in order to fuel anti-migrant hate is despicable. We cannot forget that the never ending ‘immigration debate’ that fills our newspapers and television screens is a debate about people’s right to live.

If you agree that the RNLI is an institution to be proud of, SIGN YOUR NAME (and add a message of solidarity!)


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