Stop Deepfakes from Distorting Democracy

The integrity of our elections is under threat from an alarming new trend; the use of AI-generated deepfakes. These fabricated videos and recordings are crafted to mislead the public and erode trust in our democratic institutions. With a General Election on the horizon, it’s crucial that we act now to prevent misinformation from tainting our democratic processes. Sign our petition to ask for action from the government.

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Deepfakes have already made headlines:

  • A false audio recording of Sadiq Khan circulated by far-right groups.
  • A fake video of Kier Starmer released during the Labour Party Conference.
  • A fake recording suggested Michal Simecka, the leader of the Progressive Slovakia Party, discussed rigging an election.
  • In the US, a false recording of Chicago Mayoral Candidate, Paul Vallas, characterized him as indifferent to police shootings.

The consequences of these deepfakes were not just damaging to the individuals involved but also fostered confusion and distrust among the public. Without clear regulations and strong preventative measures, the next election could see an unprecedented wave of digital deception.


Join us in demanding the Government take immediate action to safeguard our elections. Sign our petition to establish a Misinformation Task Force before the next General Election.

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