Tell the Government: Stop Divisive Rhetoric

For years now, our movement has fought extremist groups but we now face a new challenge; stopping the rise of radical ideologies in mainstream politics.

The recent chaos in Central London, incited by political figures and right-wing media pundits highlight this urgent threat. Over 100 arrests were made of far-right activists and football hooligans and it was our our government’s use of inflammatory language which fueled this riot.

This hateful politics is undermining the values of unity and tolerance that define us. This isn't just politics—it's about who we are as a nation.

Join us and demand:

  • An end to inflammatory rhetoric: Government officials must cease using language that incites division and hatred.
  • Reject and denounce extremist leaders: publicly condemn and distance from figures who incite or endorse extremist activities.
  • Hold media accountable: demand responsible reporting from media outlets to prevent the spread of misinformation and extremist narratives.

Your signature is more than a mark; it's a stand for a Britain rooted in hope instead of hate. Join us in this pivotal moment and add your name to our petition.

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