Elon Musk: keep hate off Twitter

Elon Musk has succeeded in his bid to buy Twitter and far right extremists like Tommy Robinson are already celebrating. They hope to be able to get back on the platform to spread their hate and lies. 

With the world’s attention on Musk’s takeover, now is the time to take action and call on him to keep hate off Twitter: sign our open letter to Elon Musk now.

Dear Elon Musk,

When it comes to tackling hate, Twitter is far from perfect. But the current guidelines mean there is a process for removing hate from the platform, and the anti-hate movement has been able to make significant progress in getting accounts removed when necessary. 

The recent news that you have bought Twitter has been greeted with delight by hatemongers like Tommy Robinson. Their understanding of 'free speech' is the freedom to hate, abuse, attack and spread racism and lies, and they hope that under your leadership they will be able to get back on Twitter to do just that. 

Please prove them wrong by keeping safeguards which ensure de-platformed far right extremists like Britain First and Tommy Robinson aren't allowed back on Twitter. 


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